Cinematographer – Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn PictureAndrew has had a growing ambition of cinematography since he was young. He started off in the BBC where he was trained to be an editor.

Films that has worked on include:

Hot Rod, Crazy Stupid Love, Sweet Home Alabama, The Edge of Darkness series, The Butler and many, many more.

During a scene in Hot Rod, usually referred to as the ‘Whiskey Scene’.

Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn uses a wide variation of shots. Including: Medium close-up, Track shot, Crane shot, Low angle shot, High angle shot and Long shots.

The effect that the High angle shot has is that it makes the character (Kevin Powell) look more powerful in the argument that occurs between Kevin Powell and Rod Kimble. The shot used on Rod Kimble is a low angle shot that makes him look more insignificant in comparison to Kevin Powell. The use of the track shot gives the impression that the scene is fast paced as it follows Rod Kimble down the hill. The camera also shakes to add to the impression. The scene includes many master shots as it includes all of the characters in the scene.