Paranoia – Short Film

We have wrote a story for a short film that is to be 1 minute long. 

A guy is walking to meet up with his friends, when he believes someone is following him. He keeps looking around and sees some shadows in the trees and paths, he then arrives at the meeting point to see his friends, when he turns, another is stood behind him.

We started our paperwork today:


Production schedule 

Cast and crew list

Risk assasment

We also went to the location and we choose to take some pictures, but later decided on a new location, this was because we found a location more suitable for the atmosphere we were trying to achieve.

We filmed all of our shots last night. We filmed for 2 hours from 7:30 to create the atmospheric effect of a spooky scene. This helped us because we used a covered location which made the scene darker. The location had street lights and lights in the ground. This meant that we could use them to cast large shadows.

We edited our clips together to make the full short movie. The film has turned out to be just over a minute long. The final video had been exported and is ready to be uploaded to youtube.