Akiva Schaffer

Akiva Schaffer is the director of Hot Rod, The Watch and White Power. He is not a very well known director as he originated from YouTube. His channel, The Lonely Island, had 6 million subscribers.

Akiva Schaffer was born in Berkeley, California on the 1st December 1977. He has received 8 rewards and 1 prime time award. He isn’t just a director as he lives a very creative lifestyle as he is also a songwriter. His songs are featured on his channel and they are famous for their comedic purposes. He also wrote the Lego movie soundtrack. He wrote the film Hot Rod was written by himself and Will Ferrell.

He is also famous for writing the script of Saturday Night Live, presented by many different well know celebrities. For example, Robert Downing Jr, Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell. The show stared in 1975 and concluded in 2015. Achieve Schaffer started writing Saturday Night Live in 2005.