Re-making Forrest Gump Scenes

Scene analysis:

We are re-making the bench scene from Forrest Gump. This is also known as the ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ scene. This scene is a simple scene as the shot goes from a master/long shot to a close up with a very slow zoom over the entire 1 minute and 30 seconds that the scene consists of. This means that this is a consistent scene and that the scene has to be shot without any mistakes or cuts.

We tried to shoot the scene but we ran out of time because it was hard to do it all in one take. We then returned the next day to film the scene and we did it with the second take.

We realised that the scene was too short and we had to film another scene from Forrest Gump. We chose the Vietnam Scene. We then completed the rec. process and found Taddiford Brooke. This is a 5-10 minute walk from the college. We then used military costumes from the props storage in the college. We went to Taddiford Brooke to film and we spent 2-3 hours filming.

The next step was to put all the clips from both scenes onto Final Cut Pro X. We found that the microphone we used picked up next to no sound. We decided to record the voices in the radio station and we used ambient/background noises that were downloaded from the internet. We then synced up all the audio and exported the video. It can be found in the presentation.

Original Clips:

We put together a presentation to show our entire project. Here is the link to the presentation.