Choose Your Trebor – Confessions Analysis

This adverts is about a young teenage boy entering his fathers study room and telling him that he thinks he prefers soft mints to strong mints and the family has always been an extra sting mint family. The father had trophies and paintings all around the room revolving around strong mints. 

The dad is sat on a big chair facing away to a fireplace and his face is not revealed to the end until he turns around to the boy to let out a very dismal ‘Noooooooooo!’ The fathers head is a very large extra strong mint.  

 The scene is rather cosy and atmospheric. It is obvious that strong mints are a very large part of their lives as there are trophies about them everywhere and also the paintings are of dogs, presumably their pets, and they have strong mints for heads also.

The advertising technique was rather simple. It was just to show the green packet in every shot and make it obvious what it is. For example, the boy holds up soft mints and the label is clearly visible.