Justification and Evaluation

The intention of the advert was to show the apparent need of the mints.

The advert is based in an office where it’s a typical boring work day but the mints bring excitement and tension into it.

My role in the advert was to provide the camera equipment and to help to film some shots. I was also the location recce and examined the place to record and did the risk assessment.

The planning went well as we split all the paperwork between the group and we checked them all together and it was to a good standard.

There was not many technical weaknesses as the only issue was that we wanted a slow motion shot but the camera we used did not have the capabilities. So instead we used the iPhones slow motion feature. The only disadvantage to this is that it was a bit lower quality.

I don’t think the ASA would have any issues with the advert as it does not conflict with their guidelines. The advert does not offend any type of audience and is purely for comical and harmless fun.

The advert uses similar aged actors as the target audience. It also uses comedy that is easily understandable by the target audience. Another way that we attempted to attract the target audience is to try and relate it to their surroundings. We did this by basing the scene in a typical, boring office. This made it easier to make the advert more exciting because it gave us more oppertunities about what we could do.

It successfully sells the product to the audience because it shows that someone whould do all that to have a mint so it gives the message that it must be good.

We used comedy to help us to sell the product. We also partially used surrealism in the way of someone using an obstacle course to get to a mint although it’s just on the floor infront of them. This could attract attention because the advert starts off in an office but then the scene changes to an obstacle course. The viewer may take intrest in this because they may start to question how it got to the scene being where it is.

Nicolas said that the adverts suited the target audience well because we used similar aged actors as the intended audience. He aslo said that the idea of using an office as a scene, it would attract to the working class and that is our target audience.