My Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Set

Mood Board:

This is to show the types of furniture, lights and materials that will make up my set.

mood board

Concept Art:

On the left is the podiums that I will have on the set which include screens for the host and the contestant and a logo is also printed of the podium so that if someone has just turned to the show and the camera is on the podium (which will be most likely), the viewer will know what they are watching. On the right is the logo sketch  and the furniture for the audience, host and contestant.

Logo Design: Made with LogoScopic



Studio Layout

This floor plan shows the audience seating, camera positioning, movement and direction, stage and host and contestant seating. Camera 8 moves from left to right but keeps the podium on the stage as the point of interest. This means that the camera will not look at anything else except the podium.