Phobias in Horror Films


A young couple, who share the fear of the (Nyctophobia) and the fear of the paranormal (phasmophobia), but their first house together but they don’t know the house has electrical faults and loses power at night. They resort to using candles during the night but they keep going out when they walk away.


“Nyctophobia is a phobia characterized by a severe fear of the dark. It is triggered by the brain’s disfigured perception of what would, or could, happen when in a dark environment.”


“Phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts. The word originates from Greek word ‘plasmas’ which means ‘supernatural being/phantom’ and phobos which means ‘deep dread or fear’. Another word for it is Spectrophobia, which originates from ‘specters’ or ‘reflection’. Many people, young and old alike, fear ghosts. This fear is deeply ingrained in us right since childhood fuelled further by TV shows as well as religion and culture.

Fear of Ghosts Phobia - Phasmophobia or Spectrophobia

Fear of Ghosts Phobia – Phasmophobia or Spectrophobia