My Short Story Horror Script

Happy New Year (Script)

How I came up with the idea for the story:

I decided to use an original script as inspiration to set the basis of my story. I was going to use the original script to get an idea for the type of characters and how the horror is shown within the story.

I found a script called ‘2012’. This script included a location of a quarry at night and the origin of the horror seemed to be dark figures. I used the ideas of the quarry at night and the dark figures to add the concept of horror to the story. The 2012 script can be found here. After that I closed the 2012 script and started writing my story. I also researched into the type of music used in horror/thriller films to help put myself in the mental position to write a horror script.

I tried to imagine the type of effect music would have during the film so as I was writing each section of the story, I would find an appropriate song to fit the scene to help me achieve the effect I was going for.