Visual Evaluation – Chosen Emotion & Final Film

Overall I think this unit went pretty well although I would change a few things if I could do it again. If I was to do a unit like this in the future then I know what to do better that time around.

What worked well and didn’t go so well:

One thing that went extremely well was the filming. One reason for this is that the location was perfect for what we wanted to film. There were also professional riders at the park who had travelled from Cornwall to ride in different parks around the country. We asked them if we could make a film on them doing stunts and jumps in the park. They were happy to help.Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 09.28.25.png

Our initial idea was to make a film about a road cyclist who is just starting out and it shows them training every day and they become a professional cyclist by the end if the film. The emotion for this was jubilant.Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 09.23.43.png

It was going to show the character being overjoyed and exuberant after winning races etc.

The reason we had to change the emotion is because our main character turned out to be unavailable for the shoot. We slightly changed the storyline to fit our original plans and decided some new locations to film at. The changes we made were to change the character from being a cyclist to a skateboarder. The plot stayed the same as it was going to show the character starting off and progressing on their skills.

This led us to planning the new idea to make a film about someone that wants to start learning skateboarding, our group as the cast and actors. When we went to the location and found that the riders were there we decided it would be a better idea to make a film on them. The riders that were there were happy for us to make a short film on them. We made our emotion based around adrenaline.

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The four challenges ordered from the most successful to the least successful.

  • Horror Script
  • Short Film
  • Foreign Language Film Review
  • TV Show Set Design

Nothing disastrous happened within this unit which made it difficult to put the four challenges in order because I could only compare what turned out well.

I put the Horror Script at the top of the list as I found it was the best way for me to put my idea into a script and see it develop further. Another reason I put it first is because it was the one challenge that I did without any issues at all. In the other challenges I came across a few issues such as things not going to plan or not being happy with my work. With the script I wrote it the first time and I was very happy with it and I felt as if it didn’t need redoing.

I put the short film second because even though it had the most obstacles we were still able to pull through and make a film we were proud of. We didn’t give up on the idea when we got hit with the first obstacle; it just determined us to make an even better film than what would have been.

I put the foreign language review 3rd because I felt it wasn’t that much to do with the unit and I didn’t enjoy it as much. Although I enjoyed the format/layout part of it because it was more interactive and allowed for more creativity.

I put the TV Show Set design last as it was difficult to come up with an original show set and to come up with sketches and floor plans from scratch. But I did enjoy creating things such as mood boards (practical work) because it was a case of putting existing items together to make it work and give the show its own unique atmosphere.