Illicit Web Design Investigation



In short, Illicit Web Design make and design websites. They also specialise in e-commerce, web hosting, graphic design and branding, search engine optimism and copyrighting. The aim to deliver the best customer service possible and try to deliver the best quality work with the best value.

Who have they worked for?

The site has 19 client reviews which all reflect exceptionally well on the company.

Clients Include:

What seems to be the reason they are so successful is that they exceed the customers expectations and put time into learning about the clients business to try to give them the best site they can.

My email draft to Illicit Web Design:

Illicit Web Design,

I own a Film Production and Photography company and recently my work has been shared around and I am reaching further audiences. Our company is called ‘Phosphene Productions’. The reason for this is because the definition of phosphene is ‘a sensation of a ring or spot of light produced by pressure on the eyeball or direct stimulation of the visual system other than by light.’ This can be interpreted in film terms as the direct impact/stimulation a film can have on a person. I will attach the company logo to this email. The company specialises in accommodating clients needs in the form of photo and video. My team and I specialise in creating short story based films and creating adverts for different companies to promote their product or service. I am looking to create I website which will show off my work and to have an inviting atmosphere. I would like to have the site very media based as that is what the company is all about. If it is possible, I would like the site to be interactive so that clients can view existing videos that have been produced by our company. Some key aspects that we feel must be included are:

  • The site must be easy to navigate around. This is because we offer our customers a fuss-free service and we wish for the website to reflect that.
  • There must be space for news updates about ongoing operations.
  • There must be space to show our existing work and also to add newer work. This must be ordered chronologically.
  • A way to contact us must be clear for the clients in the case that they have any questions or they wish to make a booking.

We hope to hear from you very soon.

Many Thanks,

Matt Venn, Manager at Phosphene Productions.