My Film Company – Phosphene Productions

My line of business incorporates all types of short films and adverts.

I’ve decided to make my business name ‘Phosphene Productions’. I chosen this as my name because the definition of phosphene is:


This can be interpreted in film terms as the direct impact/stimulation a film can have on a person.

My Logo:


I’ve decided to make my logo is a simple but effective way that portrays the company name. I’ve done this by using a picture that is blurred lights, much like the definition of phosphene. I then cropped the picture to a circle because its in the same shape as an eye which is the place the process of phosphene takes place.

Mission Statement: Dream, Plan, Create.

The type of work we will do as a business is to produce movies or do photography shoots for customers or do both within the same booking. We can offer shoots that last a few days or just a morning. We can be very flexible depending on the location of the event. Anybody who is interested in making any kind of film or a photography shoot is welcome to hire us. We are also available for events such as weddings, parties, musical events and any other needs a customer may want.

Booking Charges: It would very much depend on the details of the shoot. For example, location would be a factor due to travel costs and accommodation for the crew. Another factor is the duration, whether it’s for a day of a week. For a full day of shooting at a nearby location including equipment we may charge up to £2000+. For a simple photography shoot we may charge £150-£200 depending on the location. Increased demand of equipment, location and labour will result in increased charges.

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