Interactive Investigation – Evaluation

Overall I enjoyed this unit and found it helpful as it made me research into lots of different things and I feel as if I can research more confidently and efficiently. This will help me in the next unit as it will require a lot of research. I am proud of my company and site and I feel as though it would be able to run effectively if it was going to be a real company and site. I feel as though the company would be able to thrive off the work we produce as it will be something we are passionate about. I feel the website went well because I was able to put my actual work from previous projects onto it which made me feel as though it was actually my company instead of making a template which I may never use. I was able to achieve the atmosphere that I wanted the website to give which was we take our work seriously but not so serious we take the fun out of it. I think my website may stand out to others because I have personalised it and updated it every so often. One example of this, I made a shot film about skateboarding in the last week and I took a snapshot of the props on set and uploaded them to the website so that when a regular visitor went on it they would see that a new operation was in production but it doesn’t give the idea and plot away much to the point that the viewer knows the story before the video is even published. It is essentially a teaser I the form of a photo. To conclude, I found this unit very helpful and educational because I feel as if I would be able to make an official and successful website when I have a film company in the future.

phospene screenshot