Equipment Costs

I looked into getting new equipment to help increase the quality of my final film and to try to make the experience as professional as possible to help me further increase my confidence with equipment and skills. I have access to a bursary from college which is £250 and I had to use it by the end of the year so I decided I would put it into this project.

I went off and looked at possibly every piece of equipment for budget filmmakers. I narrowed it down to a select few and made sure they’d do what I wanted them to. My first list was around £70 over my budget so I had to re-think.

My 1st list was:

RODE NGT-2 Shotgun Mic







As this was over the budget I decided to go from a Shotgun Mic with a pre-amp to a less expensive on camera mic. The replacement was a RODE Video Mic. For it to work effectively, the microphone would have to not be restricted to just being on top of the camera. So to solve this I looked at buying an extension cable. This allows me to move the microphone freely around the camera. This also gives me the opportunity to either place the mic out of shot and closer to the subject to get a clearer sound or use it on a boom. The microphone has a built in screw adapter on the shock mount to allow it to be placed on a boom pole or tripod. To reduce the costs, I decided to use a spare tripod as a boom pole as it was lighter and easier to transport. I also bought a dead cat for the microphone as I realised a lot of scenes were going to be filmed outside and the weather can be unpredictable.

So as the list got adapted, the price gradually dropped. I managed to get it to £270 which is only £20 over my budget.

I ordered the items and sent an invoice to the college bursary management. I now have all the items. This is what equipment I have in my possession:

Canon 600d – £730

Canon 18-55mm Lens – £70

Helios 50mm Lens – £15

Gorilla Pod – £10

RODE VideoMic – £70

Dead Cat – £12

Tripod – £20

LED Video Lights with stands – £50

2 spare camera batteries – £15

Shoulder Rig/C Rig – £100

Mic Extension Cable – £15

I owned some of these items before the project.