Find, Understand and Approach a Client

TNT Corporate Video

Purpose of the video is to distribute factual information about the business. Facts such as only 70% of customers are reached over night. The only information they provide is factual. The advert contains different people and locations which keeps viewers interested. The music isn’t particularly in sync with the movement in the video because it is included with the intention to simply add atmosphere and keep interest. The advert uses CGI (Computer Generated Images) to explain more complex facts and go into more depth by visualising what the narrator is saying. This makes it easy for the viewer to follow along.

2015 Huawei Corporate Video

Purpose of the video is to distribute factual info and to talk about and introduce future targets. It shows off their company by including ariel shots of the HQ. This video also includes factual information. The cinematography is key to keeping the audience engages as it is fast paced and colourful. They achieve the atmosphere by using the flowing shots, smooth cinematography and time lapses.

Possible Clients for Corporate Video

The Sandwich Bar

The Sandwich Bar is a local business in Exeter and its customers are surrounding workers and students. They may want a corporate video because they do not currently have one but this may not be a possible option as they do not own a website.

BTP Honiton

Boston Tea Party is a business which is more dense in Bristol but has the occasional shop in the South West of Devon. The customers are mainly people that live and work in the town. The website for the Honiton shop does not currently have a Corporate Video which makes them a possible client.

boston tea party.png

Otter Nurseries Ottery St Mary

Otter Nurseries has 5 different shops. Each one has a restaurant/coffee shop, plants centre and gift shop. The customers are gardeners and business owners as they may either run a business which is nursery related or they want their shop decorated etc. The website does not currently have a video so this makes Otter Nurseries a possible client. I know some people that can put me in contact with anyone if it’s necessary.


Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 16.09.11.png

The reason I am looking into Artigiano is because they have a shop locally in Exeter. Their website has a page dedicated to a gallery which includes photos of drinks, food and the restaurant itself.

I thought it may be a good idea to add a video to the collection to try to help create a sense of aroma.


I have found several new clients which are more accessible to me and are also smaller local businesses.

I have chosen Dunskeswell Flight School, Dunkeswell Sky Dive and SupaCat.


The reason I have chosen to approach Dunkeswell Flight School is because they are local to me and also do not currently have a video on their site.

I know someone that has been here and done a lesson and they said it was a very enjoyable experience and they would do it over and over. I have been here before a few times so I know the layout fairly well.

This would be my first choice to make a video for.


This company is located on the same site as the flight school so I figured I would contact them for the same reasons. They’re local, they do not have a video on their site and I also know of some people that have been there so I know about how they operate.


I looked into making a video for SupaCat as I have been involved with them in the past. This would be my final choice.


The email above is a generalised draft which I made minor changes to depending on the client. This was to simply personalise the email to each client.

Progress Update – 30/09/2016

I sent out another email to each of my possible clients requesting a progress update regarding my last email. I got 2 replies. One client (Dunkeswell Flight Training) came back saying that the manager unfortunately was not interested. The other client (SupaCat) said that they were still currently processing the request and will get back to me in the coming week. As for the last client (Dunkeswell Sky Dive), I have not heard anything from them.

Because I have lost a possible client, I have contacted another local business. Skirmish Exeter is a local business who host primarily paintball games and Airsoft games.

If I am successful in securing skirmish as a client I will be using the video below as a guideline.

Some aspects from this video that I am going to try to achieve is the pace and movement. This can be done with similar music and cuts on the beats. Some of the shots in this video are clearly staged and I may stage a few shots at the end of the day if I don’t feel I got enough footage.


I had a phone call with skirmish Exeter yesterday explaining that I am a student and have been assigned to make a corporate video. I also mentioned I was a member at the site and that I attend regularly. They said to send in an email confirming with the site manager that I am going to be filming this weekend during the public event. I also sent an email last week which I didn’t get a response to. This is why I rang them. It turned out the had a very busy week. They said it’s all ok to come by and film throughout the day.




Storyboard and script not needed.


I went to skirmish yesterday and filmed through the whole day with a spectators pass. I was contacted by the person that was running the games for the day and he said that he can set up different scenarios if I needed any shots in particular. I spoke to some of the players during the games and they asked me to follow them around as the game went on, so this is where the majority of my shots came from. I am half way through the edit and have uploaded a rough copy to YouTube as an unlisted video. I plan for the video to be around one minute and a half. Although I was putting myself and my rig in some pretty intense situations, I managed to come out with my camera rig undamaged. The majority of the time I was meant to spend editing was spent looking for the music to actually use in the video. Most of the songs were either copyrighted or just didn’t hit the spot for the type of video I was going for.


I’ve completed the actual edit itself but I need to find the page with the rights to the music and also add the company’s website in the credits.

Licence –


Target Audience

This advert is aimed at local airsoft and paintball players. It could also interest adrenaline seekers who want to try the sport out. This would essentially be bringing new players to the sport or just people who are interested and want to find out a bit more about what it is like and what it can offer for them. The advert would also attract schools etc. because some schools take their students out for a day around the GCSE period of the year. The advert could also attract people from the ages 14+ but would be majority boys.


The demographics table shows what class different audiences are placed in. This can be used to find out what audience class your video or advertisement will appeal to.

The class A audience are very unlikely to have any interest in my promotional video. The only way I can think of anyone in higher management being interested in my video would be to give their workers a day out for team building. The class B, C1 and C2 audience is more likely to have an interest in the video for the same reason. Middle management and teachers may be looking for a day to blow off steam and work on team building in a company or a school class. This will also appeal to skilled manual workers as it is not extremely expensive so it is within their budget and it can be an activity they do on a weekend to have fun. Classes D and E are more likely to not have an interest in the video as it can start to stretch their budgets. Although the students section in class E would be very popular. This is because younger people like students look to do more exciting things and the younger generation has been raised alongside video games which simulate real life combat. Combat related video games are usually fast paced and montages of these games can easily be found online. The majority of the viewers of these montages has been shown to be teenagers and students.



Location Recce

Risk Assessment

Production Schedule

Project Brief

Because I contacted skirmish in a last hope of confirming a client, I didn’t actually get a chance to have an official face to face meeting. But because I realised this I made the proposal over the phone. I explained the kind of shots to Rachel who manages phone calls at the site. I told her about how I wanted the video to look and how it was going to be shot etc. I said the video would be fast paced and synchronised to music which would highlight the adrenaline side of the experience. I explained how I would be using a camera with a 50mm lens to give the effect of depth of field and a constant quality of cinematography. She really liked these ideas and said she was looking forward to seeing the final product. She handed all of these details over to Martin who is the manager of the site. She told me that if Martin was interested he would contact me via email. The next day I received an email from Martin saying that he looks forward to seeing the video and confirming the date of filming.


I didn’t actually have a budget for this video, the only expenses I actually had to pay for was travel on the day. Other than that I didn’t have to spend a penny. All the equipment that I used have coalesced from previous projects such as my short film and others. This includes items like the camera, shoulder rig, microphone and lens. This means I shouldn’t actually have to spend anything for a few more projects until I decide to bump up the quality even more.

Corporate Video Evaluation

I feel my video is successful in promoting the site and showing the adrenaline packed side of it. I was aiming for a thrill based video as the majority of the audience are thrill seekers. I also feel it was successful because it’s what I had planned for it to be like. Is the video fit for purpose? I think the video has fulfilled its purpose as it shows what the site is and what they can offer but not too much so that it may leave the viewer on a cliff-hanger which encourages them to go to the website to find out more. This is what I originally intended to do to make the viewer want to find out more. Although if I was to do this differently I may have made the video a bit less fast paced and made it a more informative video. I would make the video calmer because it then gives the viewer the opportunity to read and text on the screen without feeling like they are missing out on the footage or just to stop them getting distracted from one another. If my client was not happy with the original version I was going to produce a more informative and calmly paced version. Is the client happy? At this time I am not able to provide a large explanation as the only feedback I received was a brief email.

feedback skirmish.png

I have sent another email requesting feedback which I am still waiting for a reply. It seems they are happy with the video as they posted it to all their Facebook pages. Will they use it for their website/business? They didn’t specify if it was going anywhere else other than their Facebook pages. How would you improve the final product? If I was to do the project again I would have added more information into the video so that people understand what the video is about from the start. The reason I didn’t do that this time is because I figured that the video would only be viewed through their website or Facebook pages so they would already know what the video was about. Another thing I may do differently is interview some of the players throughout the day, maybe have them explain some of the best situations they’ve found themselves in at the site or just things they really enjoy about the site or the sport itself. If I was to do this I would change the style of the video to be more informative. This is because interviews and montages may conflict with each other and throw the viewer off.

I received an email from my client which includes their feedback.


My client states that he is very pleased with the style of the video being fast paced which is the effect I had aimed for originally and that he says that the video is one of the best ones he has seen over the years. Is it fit for purpose? I believe that the video is fit for purpose as it does capture the atmosphere and adrenaline which shows the business as it is. This means that if people do go to the site after seeing the video they will not be disheartened or disappointed. As I stated before, I aimed for a fast paced, adrenaline based film and my client said that he liked the video being fast paced and synchronised with the music. I purposely included some longer clips which I had slowed down at points throughout the video to effectively take a breath from the action being so prominent. This helped to keep up with what is going on in the video and also to keep the viewer interested. Another thing I did as an effort to keep viewers attention was to insert clips in a non-chronological order. This meant that all different surroundings and different people were being displayed at more random times, giving the effect that there is a lot of different types of combat and applied tactics throughout the skirmish site and is not all the same wherever you go.

Personal Performance Evaluation

How professional was your conduct with your client? I feel I communicated with my client professionally because I formally introduced myself explaining who I was and why I was contacting them. We kept contact throughout the process of making the video and I was making sure I kept them updated with what was going on. I was able to walk up to the reception on the day and they already knew who I was and exactly what I was there for. I also stuck to the times and dates we discussed. Overall I feel that we were professional in communication and scheduling. Did you enjoy working freelance and having a client as a boss? I enjoyed being able to set up a filming date and meeting with a client to produce a good quality product. I liked how I was able to propose an idea to my client and already have a rough vision of what I want the outcome to be like before I even contacted them. This gave me even more time to adapt on it as opposed to being given a topic to make a video on. I also liked being able to work freelance because it enabled me to choose who I want to produce a video for. This meant I could be comfortable in my surroundings and make better content. Would you consider working in corporate video as a career? If the opportunity was to arise I think I would definitely pursue a career in corporate videos because I found making this video was very fun and interesting. I think it would be a good career to pursue because it means you can be more selective with clients and you can decide when to broaden your skillset/availability. This would give me time to learn about how to make different types of videos. I’ve really enjoyed working for an actual company and how the process worked. I like having the pressure of having to make a good video. This is because if you don’t make a good video then the client may not use it so it would be wasted time. I’d use this as my motivation for every project whether it’s a corporate video or a short film. I think I will look into more businesses in the near future to see about the possibility to make more corporate videos. I didn’t think I had the capability to take things into my own hands and make a video for a client on my own but now that I have been able to I feel like I can stretch even further.