Life After College

  1. UCAS self-audit and goal setting


5 University Courses that may interest me.

Ravensbourne – Digital Film Production

This course interests me as it can follow on well from our current course and I will be able to use the skills I’ve gained over the last 2 years as soon as the year starts. This would be a good option because I would have some knowledge about some aspects. I think London would be a good place to be based as there would be more jobs available in the area.

Birmingham – Film and Media

This course is very similar to what I am currently learning at college which will essentially be an extension of our course. Birmingham would also be a good place to be based as it opens up more opportunity to jobs and careers.

Bournemouth – Film Production Management for the Digital Environment

This course interests me because it is about developing existing skills. This would benefit me because it would in theory be extending my current course. This course is helpful because it teaches the frame work of making films. This way I will be able to make films in a professional structured way.

University of Kent – Film – Masters of Arts

This course interests me as the research areas are

  • national cinemas – form and history: North American, European, Latin American
  • the moving image in a digital context
  • documentary film
  • film aesthetics
  • avant-garde and experimental cinema.

These areas are not necessarily my primary routes I would undertake but I like to keep my options open if I would ever like to go down that route. The entry requirements are based very much upon experience as opposed to grades. Also an essay which includes your academic writing.

Apprenticeship – MET Film School – MA Cinematography

  • One-year full-time postgraduate programme
  • For students who want to explore what it takes to be a professional cinematographer in todays creative industries
  • Studying at the historic Ealing Studios provides a dynamic environment for students with its historic role within the UKs film and television industries as well as its leading role in new media technologies housed in its Imaginarium Studios
  • Create an impressive portfolio which includes a short filmed project, 35mm still life/portrait exercise, collaborative Greenscreen exercise, several shooting exercises including location, studio interiors and night exterior, advanced filmed exercise working with a professional director and a final Masters Project for film, TV or online media.

This course covers all types of cinematography as it includes shooting in studios, using greenscreen, shooting on location, shooting day and night and working with professional directors and making a final product by collaborating all of these skills. This would benefit me because I feel my strong point is cinematography.